Stuck at home position for 2+ days

GF has been stuck at home position for 2+ days now. Camera shows last bed image and just says “scanning” and “focusing” but track and laser never move. I’ve cleaned every lens and the camera numerous times, disconnected and reconnected to WiFi (we have Hulu tv which runs off WiFi and no issues with WiFi service during these 2+ days) logged in and out numerous times, unplugged and plugged machine back up and even moved GF to a different desk thinking maybe It’s was possibly unlevel and we just can’t see it. Nothing has worked. Pretty much did everything except take machine apart. New to GF so been a pretty frustrating start considering the amount of orders already coming in for the holidays. Was told to post here to start a ticket so any helps is greatly appreciated.

Support can check the logs, but it sounds like a faulty black lid cable. If so, they can send a replacement.

It would be worth running through the troubleshooting steps for “stuck calibrating” and wifi issues, just to be sure. Nobody EVER thinks it’s their wifi, but probably 90% of the time it actually is. Glowforges are super picky about wifi and will freak out even when everything else thinks the signal is fine. Also, you’ll be ahead of the game when Support gets here, as depending on what your logs, show, they may ask for the results of some of these steps:

Here are the links, for your convenience:

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I moved WiFi set up into same room as my GF. I saw there was an issue reported but it says resolved now but unit still stuck at home. How long does it typically take for them to get back to me directly? I sent a request in Saturday morning but so far all I have gotten is a generic (I assume) message stating an issue was found but is resolved but not specific to my unit.

Hi @coltonglover44 - I’m going to go ahead and close this topic as you and I have since touched base via email. Please feel free to follow up in that email chain if you have any questions.