Stuck Centering / going offline

My Glowforge is stuck on centering. I went through Jules’ entire checklist about centering and focusing and can’t figure out what’s up with it. It was working just fine earlier today. Please help.

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Going offline is a symptom of the connection to either your WiFi, the GF servers, or somewhere in between.

If it’s going offline/losing connection during the centering process, that will force it to keep starting over.

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I’m hoping it’s just WiFi. It’s rainy this evening so maybe that’s affecting it. I’m still able to use my WiFi for other things though. I’m getting ready for bed and hoping it’s magically fixed tomorrow morning but wanted to open a thread to get support help quicker just in case.

Tried this morning and it’s up and running again thank goodness!!


Thanks @jbmanning5 - great information!

@monicajsmith, I just extracted your Basic’s logs, and I do see evidence that suggests a spotty Wi-Fi connection on the evening of November 28th. You should be in the clear, but please start a new topic or email us at if you run into any other trouble!