Stuck "Centering" no movement

My machine is stuck on "centering"or “scanning” when I power it on, and the printhead does not move at all. I have cleaned the camera lens, reconnected to the wifi, reset the router, checked the ribbon cable clips, and made sure the fan and external air filter are clean.

I have basically done a complete restart, and still nothing. Normally I would be patient, but I was mid-printing comfort clips for local healthcare workers.

Thoughts? Help?

Thank you.

Have you cleaned the top of the laser head?

You will need to be patient anyway; there are a lot of topics with the troubleshooting steps. Once you have completed those and reported all of the steps you have done if you are still having an issue, support will be able to help. You have already opened a ticket, so there is no need to email them.

You should eliminate your WiFi as the cause of the issue. Even though you have other devices on the WiFi that may be performing correctly, set up your Glowforge to use your mobile phone hotspot to eliminate that. It will help Support determine where the problem may be.

Thank you. I have done a full clean, including the laser head. (I think? I followed the full clean instructions via the manual) I will try with my hotspot. I appreciate your response. :frowning:

Double check that the white cable is properly seated.

99% of the time is the black lid cable.
You need to contact support for a replacement.

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Thank you. Waiting for their response.

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I’m sorry you ran into trouble. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.