Stuck Centering/Scanning

Please open a ticket and look into issues with our unit…Stuck centering while working this evening.


This is a ticket.

Often a simple WiFi issue. The Glowforge appears to be quite sensitive to the slightest WiFi inconsistencies. Try moving your WiFi router and Glowforge closer to each other. Or try a different 2.4GHz channel (maybe your neighbor just got a new router that’s running on the same channel as you).

The WiFi issue is a stock reply that never works…How would this explain the fact that we’ve been running for the past two months without any issues…We have a dedicated fiber optic connection in the middle of the country with no neighbors who can reach our signal

You’re 100%, no doubt about it, completely, absolutely wrong.

I have no intention of explaining it. Follow my advice, or don’t. You’re the one who asked. Next time maybe don’t bother.

Good luck though! I’m out.


Your wi-fi is between the GF and the fiber optic connection. Different animal. It’s not about speed. It’s about signal strength inside your house, between the router and the GF.


I’m sitting in my living room which is further away than our GF and I have 30MBPS Upload and Download speed

Again, it’s not speed. The GF is very sensitive to wifi CONNECTIVITY issues. Your microwave, or a baby monitor, or something metal sitting between it and the router, or a thousand other things can affect its ability to see the signal from the router.


Resetting the wifi connection on your GF might at least rule out that as a possible solution. Can’t hurt to take 5 minutes to at least try, asSupport is going to ask you to do it anyway… :wink:

I’ve reset the GF wifi twice with no luck…once last night and again this morning

Have you restarted your router? Unplug it for 1-2 minutes and then plug it back in. This will restart the router and can resolve issues with connectivity.
I also suggest checking the signal strength at your GF. There are several smartphone apps that will let you do it. You are looking for a consistent signal strength of at least -55 db at the GF for reliable operation.
One thing to note; your other devices speed and reliability is not a good indication of potential problems with the GF. In the room where I have my GF my mobile devices vary between poor and good signal. My GF is solid as a rock and has never had a connection issue.
The GF doesn’t need a high speed connection, it needs a rock solid connection, even at low speed, with a really reliable handshake. If your router isn’t returning the signals to the GF consistently or is returning corrupted packets it will cause this issue based on past reports.


yes we’ve retarted the router, cleaned it inside and out. turned wifi off and on again. Not sure what else to try.

Then you will need to wait for support. They may ask you for additional information. Please remember that this post opened a support ticket and you should not email them as that will open additional support tickets which will delay a response as they sort the tickets.
Good luck, and please try to remember that most of the initial responses you will get on the forums are helpful, experienced users and not the GF support agents. If you do not want to receive the responses from users, please use email only and don’t post to the forums.

Hey Ben1,
just to cover all of my bases, what is the best app to check the signal strength??

I don’t know if it is the best, but the one I use is called WiFi Analyzer and is for Android. It also shows signal strength variation over time, which may help you track down the cause if it is external interference.

thanks! I’m actually getting the best readings on our WIFI right next to the GF, better than anywhere else in my house, including right next to the router

Best is subjective. What is your signal strength at the GF in dB? What does the signal look like over time? Is there anything, like your AC turning on or your fridge turning on that causes fluctuations?

it is only reading in MBPS. I cannot find how to check in dB. All of the info I am reading says the new iphones cannot read in dB. I’m not sure how else to check that…

Looks like Apple has eliminated yet another useful function from their equipment. Not sure what to tell you. Maybe you can find a WiFi signal heatmap application for your PC/MAC and try that. Or find a friend with an Android and have them help.

Good ole apple… LOL I’ve somewhat been communicating with admins, but haven’t received a response in over an hour. I have to leave to go to work soon, so just in a waiting pattern until then, thank you for all of your help

One other thing to check - turn off all the lights and close the blinds - make the room as dark as possible. See if that solves it. Sometimes you can get light from outside that confuses the cameras.