Stuck focusing and I've tried everything!

I have cleaned all of my machine. I have meticulously put everything back to where it belongs and my machine will not at all, get out of focusing! I have been troubleshooting for days and I am so frustrated! Other than, lens’s being clean and cables not connected, any other ideas?? Glowforge support?!

No amount of cleaning lenses or other optical parts can cause this problem; the machine doesn’t know what optics are installed or whether they’re clean. It’ll gladly boot up and run a job with no windows, no mirror and no lens installed.

“Focusing” is when the machine is told to calibrate the focus mechanism in the print head then report back to the cloud that it’s ready to continue. It does that by moving the magnetic platform the lens attaches to inside the print head up and down through its full range of motion several times.

So that should tell you where to focus your troubleshooting: the print head, the connection from the print head to the rest of the machine, and your wifi connection so the machine can talk to the cloud servers.

  1. Check that the white ribbon cable does not have any damage (worn through or kinked areas), the connector does not have any damage or debris in it (no bent or broken pins), and that the cable is fully seated and clicked into the print head.

  2. Check that there is no debris or damage apparent inside the lens bore of the print head. Flip it upside down, take the lens out, take a good look with a flashlight. Put the lens back in, make sure it feels like it moves fine when you push the lens in a bit.

  3. Check your wifi connection. Even if other devices in the same room are connecting fine, often the Glowforge is less tolerant of weak signal strength than computers and phones. Reboot your router. Consider moving it closer to the Glowforge. Consider switching what channel it’s broadcasting on (not frequency) in case one of them has recently become more noisy from neighbors. Consider any new sources of interference (new bluetooth devices, new smart TV gadgets, new microwave oven). You can try connecting your Glowforge to a mobile hotspot on your phone to rule out your home wifi signal as an issue.

Hopefully one of those things will help fix your issue. Otherwise, it’ll be time to email and see if they can figure it out remotely from your machine’s logs.


Unfortunately I have checked all those and no avail. Im so frustrated. I have checked the black wires in the back. The white on front. Checked all the wires, belts, etc.

Do you mean focusing or centering? There is a big difference.

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