Stuck Homing/Centering/Focusing

I last used my glowforge about 3 or 4 days ago. Unfortunately the jobs did turn out the way I wanted. One job didn’t cut all the way through, fiddled with my settings (adjusted power, speed passes) then the other job cut a little “too well”.

So rather than get frustrated and waste more raw material I decided to shutdown for the day and come back later when I was in a better mood.

SOOO, tonight I load up a piece of 3mm Baltic Birch, turn on the glowforge and head on over to the web-app. After a few minutes it tells me it can’t find the head.

Troubleshooting time, I checked all the ribbon connections (white head, black doors, cameras) all are connected and in place. I took out the head, cleaned the lenses and mirrors according to the instructions. Put it all back together now all I get is “Scanning” or “Homing” or “Centering”. No movement out of the glowforge.

In settings I see my glowforge listed, but there is NO data. As if it’s been forgotten.

I’ve restarted my computer and router and even modem. I’ve used another PC. I’ve even RESET my network (new ssid, pass). Still nothing.

Looking at the glowforge status pages it seems there was some network stuff done around about the last time I fired up our glowforge.

Of course, right I was hopping, raving mad and fired off a rather angry email to support. seeing that I’m now 42 days past the 1 year warranty I’m expecting the too-bad-so-sad email back and an offer on a new machine. Once bitten twice shy. That is NOT the first time that would have happened to me.

Looking through the forums it seems that a lot of people have been having the same issue. I’ve gone trough MANY threads, tried all the recommendations, cleanings, open lid/close lid, vacuuming, network resets, setting up the glowforge again, etc.

Right now I have a $6600 paperweight and I’m rather more than irritated.

Our glowforge operates at a rather low volume. It is NOT running many hours a day for long periods of time. In fact it can be a week or two between projects.

We keep it clean, vacuum out the bits and debris, keep the glass clean with the recommended wipes and our workshop is climate controlled, rather clean not much sawdust or other funk in the air. I can be a real stickler keeping my shop clean and organized!

Honestly, I’m at a loss and about to go ape-s–t. This was a LARGE investment and we just DON’T have the revenue or capital to go replacing the thing!

Support will be along in the next day or few to close this and continue working with you via email, but in the meantime - that “settings” page has never done anything useful. I ran prints successfully yesterday, and mine also shows “last print - never”…

You haven’t mentioned if you tried using your phone as a hotspot. I would give that a try just to rule out the wifi as a possible issue. You have probably read that the GF is a bit picky wrt its wifi.

Yes, been there done that. Nothing, nada, zilch. No movement, NOTHING from the glowforge.

@SonjaDC I am so sorry your Glowforge printer is stuck in the homing, centering, and focusing process. I completely empathize and would like to let you know that we are going to looking into why this is happening.

I responded to the email you sent us regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and we will be following up with you there.