Stuck in a Setup loop

For some reason the blue light came on today, even though my GF has been connected to my network for a couple of weeks now, and i’ve been printing everyday (Google fiber connection, with a Google Wifi network). I restarted it a couple of times and the blue light went away. Then after i got done with a print job, the blue light returned. So I decided to try going through the setup process, even though this isn’t a new network. I get all the way through the setup and it says that the GF has successfully joined my network, but then soon after i go to my dashboard and get ready to send a job to the GF, the blue light comes on again. I’ve repeated this process about 5 times and the same thing happens every time. So i thought that maybe it’s an issue with my new(ish) network, so I plugged my old router in (which my GF had been connected to for about a year, until two weeks ago) and connected it to the internet. Same thing. The GF will say it is connected, it goes to my dashboard, then a few seconds later the light turns blue again.

Someone please talk me off of the ledge here, I’m literally about to throw my GF out the window (if you saw my other thread today, you’ll know that I spent all morning with cutting issues, and now this). And the GF support has been sooooo slow lately, that I won’t hear from them for at least 3 to 5 days. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Well throwing it out the window won’t help matters much. But you likely won’t hear anything productive from support in short order, though I think they are getting better than they were even a couple weeks ago.

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I’m double checking that you sent them an email - as this is only community support now you won’t hear from them at all if you only posted here!

That’s not something I remember seeing before :frowning: When the blue light comes on - did your dashboard also drop to offline? I’m wondering if this might be an issue with the lights - rather than an actual issue with connecting?

Yes, the dashboard shows “Setup” so it’s not a light malfunction.

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This is a guess based on how I understand the GF works… The blue light should never come on outside of ready to print or during setup. If you lose wifi the button light should still not illuminate unless you initiate setup by pressing the button for 10 seconds or so. To me, it is acting as if the button is being depressed which puts it in setup mode. Check the button to make sure it isn’t sticking or you don’t have something pressing it. You may be able to look under the right side top with a mirror to see if the wires are still connected to the button.


Staff no longer monitors this thread. Cant blame them because people were using it wayyy too often to try and just tantrum. Now tantrums are in a silo.

There are great people still her willing to support if you want to give more details. What does your app say?
Do you know how to download your wifi logs and read them?

Do you have a screen shot of this?

I figured out what’s wrong: there’s a short in the Glowforge’s button that causes it to trigger occasionally. I discovered this because my machine started on its own after I hit “ready” on my computer. That was what was causing it to keep going into setup mode and trigger the teal light. Looks like they’re going to send me a replacement machine.


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