Stuck in Calibration

Just finished designing a coaster for my daughter and once I initiated the upload, the screen indicates that the GF is calibrating…

3 browser and system refresh/restarts and 5 hours later… still calibrating…

Help please.

Time to shut everything down and restart.

Turn off the GF.

Logout of the app ( and shutdown the browser.

Reboot the PC.

Fire up the browser and log back in. You must make sure that you need to log back in, otherwise somewhere it still has an active session. If it just goes to the app.glowforge page without asking you to login, log back out and then go to the app.glowforge page and this time you should need to login again.

Make sure the GF is listed in the upper right corner. Click on it and you should see that it says it’s Offline. That’s good.

Open the GF lid and move the head under where the lid camera is going to be when you close the lid. Once you have it lined up properly, turn the GF on.

Wait until it says the GF is Ready in the upper right.

Then load the project by either dragging it onto the window (if it’s not in your catalog view) or by clicking on it.

Then it should scan and prepare it before presenting you with the control desktop view.


Things have been very slow for me tonight. I tried to do a simple job and spent more than an hour in some stage of calibration or scanning. Not sure what the problem is, but it seems that we’re not alone, so I assume it’s server side.

Thanks for letting us know! I’m sorry you’re unable to print–we’re looking into it.

I’ve found that if I leave the hose out the window the unit gets cold / stuck calibrating. Disconnect the vent until you’re ready to use it. Make sure you check the vent before hitting the go button (I’ve made that mistake once – yuck)

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I apologize for any frustration. What you experienced was the result of a server side issue which has now been resolved. You can find more information by checking out Dan’s comment here.

Thank you for your patience, and happy printing!

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