Stuck in Cancelling

I popped a breaker (my fault). The GFUI did NOT detect that the :glowforge: lost power, so I chose cancel on the job. Powered the :glowforge: back on, the GFUI still showed cancelling. Closed the app, reloaded, same issue. Shut down the computer, went to dinner, came back an hour later, same issue. The GFUI SHOWS that it is (apparently) seeing the :glowforge:, but never gets out of “cancelling”. Tried another computer, same issue. Can’t get put of cancelling.


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Never had it happen, but you could try rebooting.

Press and hold the start button while the unit is on until it turns teal. (Ten seconds.) Turn the machine off, move the head under the camera, and turn it back on again.

Jules, you get 50% points :rofl:! Yes, I had to reset, but NOT because the :glowforge:. My high quality Cisco 1131 WAP in the garage did NOT survive the power failure. I should have thought of that, as we have had MANY failures of 1131’s at work after power outages. Connected to another WAP (a little further away in the house) and all is better now. Have to replace the WAP in the garage tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!


Love a happy ending! :smile:


Except, I have to go buy a new WAP to replace the Cisco :frowning_face:.

Allow me to suggest the Netgear Nighthawk series. After multiple recommendations, I gave it a try. I’ve never had such amazing throughput in my life.


Cheaper than a Glowie. :wink:

yes, works well for me.


I’m glad you resolved it (but I am sorry to hear about your WAP). Since you’re in good shape, I’m going to close this thread. Thanks for letting us know about this!