Stuck in centering and scanning

Please help, I am having an issue with center and scanning getting stuck unable to move forward. I have sent an email to support and need help. I have tried the following with out any success,

  1. Cleaned the GF, cameras, lenses.
  2. Powered off multiple times.
  3. While powered off moved arm and laser gently with logo under camera. (multiple times) and powered back on.
  4. Checked all ribbon cables on top door.
  5. Checked both lower door sensors.

I have been able to get it out of centering a couple of times but it will not pass “focus”. I really need help, I run a business and have many orders to fulfill. Please see attached photos.

GF - stuck centering

Thank you

You’ve checked for all of the things that you can up front…if it turns out to be a broken lid cable it’s going to need to be replaced, and Support will get you set up with that as soon as they arrange for one, so at this point you just need to wait to hear from them. (I’m assuming you let them know all of this information in your email…that will speed things up since it’s what they usually ask you to check.)

They’ll contact you when they have one ready for you. Might take a day or two depending on supply and availability.

Hi @jstus, I see you’ve already emailed us about this issue and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.