Stuck in Centering & Scanning

Hi, my Glowforge hasn’t been able to get out of Centering or Scanning mode since yesterday (Aug 3, 2020).

I have:
-cleaned all lenses
-checked the connection of all cables in the lid, and to the laser head
-checked that the front ‘door’ was securely closed
-turned off computer, glowforge, wifi, waited, then turned all back on again
-turned GF off, move head, turn back on again- many times
-turned GF on while lid is open

Anything else I can try?

Thank you,


Sounds like you’ve done everything you can.

Post clear, close-up pics of all the lid cable connections. Support can then check and if all seems in-order, will likely need you to replace the black lid cable.

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Sigh. Yeah, you’re probably right. I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t be a hardware issue!

I checked the browser console and see a 404 for get-user-preferences, but I don’t think that should stop scanning/centering.

Thanks for the tip to upload pics!

A 404 error is pretty generic and can be the result of many networking issues. Have you made any recent changes to your wifi? Do you have a firewall or other network security on your router?

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The machine goes thru the startup and calibration procedure independent of the web console, i.e. you don’t even need a computer turned on for it to complete that process.

I don’t think the 404 is causing the issue.

I went through the Glowforge wifi setup again (yesterday), but that did not resolve it.

I have made no changes to my wifi. I am not aware of any firewalls or network security on my router.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. Since you’ve checked the connections on the black lid cable, replacing it is likely the next best step.

I’ve reached out directly via email for the next best steps. I’ll now close this thread.

My system started doing the exact same thing today. Turn it on, it clicks a few times but the head never moves and it sits in the centering status. Doesn’t do anything. I have cleaned it and checked all connections. Powered off and on several times. Nothing.

You’ll want to start a New Topic in the Problems and Support section @tombriner, to make sure the Support staff sees it quicker. When you do, run through the checks shown in this thread and list the results in your first post. (Saves time if you’ve done the pre-checking.)

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