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Hi. I canceled a design yesterday and now my GF Pro will not get out of canceling for me to do any design. I have tried unplugging it, refreshing the page, restarting my computer, restarting my wifi, and clearing my cache and cookies on my computer. Have orders to get out and am so frustrated. Anyone have a solution for this?

Nevermind. It just reset.

Glad it’s working, but for future reference, it was likely a wifi issue. The GF is pretty sensitive to wifi issues. It might have been temporary interference from a nearby device, like a neighbor’s cordless phone or baby monitor.

2.4GHz wifi covers much more distance than newer 5GHz bands, but that means it’s more prone to interference from neighbors.

If it happens again, and if you know how to get to it on the web page for your router, try scanning for the “cleanest” channel. That can make things much more reliable.


For real. I never had problems with my GF connection to wifi until recently. I did a wifi scan and found that I had a couple of new wifi devices in the area, from a new neighbor, I think. They were using the same wifi channel as my router. I changed the channel and no more problem.


That will do it.

I have a wifi analysis tool that scans and maps out signal strength for each band and channel. I’ve had few issues, but when I do, it’s invaluable. I’ve used it at friends’ homes as well.

Most don’t have tools like that, so when there are issues, it’s difficult to diagnose.


My router has an interesting feature called “WIFI as WAN” that will use an outside wifi signal as a WAN input. It uses a site survey scan to identify possible wifi candidates to connect to. That’s my quick and dirty method to see what’s out there.

Thank you so much for this info.

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If you’re on Mac, you can hold the Alt key while clicking on the wifi icon in the menu bar, and it will give you a bunch of stats about that connection, including noise levels.

You need to know what to look for, however.

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