Stuck on centering 2 days now

I am very woried because this has never happened before… my glowforge is stuck on centering! I turn it on it makes the funny calibrating noises (allthough I hear different clicking sounds not the usual but maybe it’s just me) then it gets stuck in Centering or focusing… mainly just centering and nothing happens! I’ve tried on and off, moving the arm and the head, unplugging, cleaning, turning it on the next day… and nothing! Today I tried the internet setup and I get the green light but when I choose the Glowforge WiFi it gets stuck in waiting to conect so I can’t go beyond this point (tried with my pc and phone)… could it be they are related? I’m going crazy please help :pensive: I am not in the US so I can’t just ship it back or get replacements.

Turn of the GF make sure there is no material on the tray then while still off move the head so its directly under the lid camera, shut the lid and turn it on. It may take a while but hopefully that will solve the issue.

I just read another post where people had a similar problem, and this was the fix:

I think I remember reading that sometimes the “centering” process messes with an automatic update somehow, so turning it on with the lid open allows the update to go through before the centering process starts.

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I Did try that and nothing… thank you!

I tried that also… thank you very much… I will try ones more today just in case

Thanks for reaching out. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.