Stuck on Centering after doing a low speed high power run

I have a Glowforge pro 2020 and i had a run at 100 speed and full power and it was cutting through a wooden material and stopped mid cut. System didnt recognize it was stopped and timer was still counting and now it wont move to center or home or to scan. just gets stuck in processing.

Not sure why it would be stuck on centering after a cut like that, i have done that lots before. the fact the system didnt recognize when it stopped tells me that there is a wifi connection issue tho either from the router to machine or the other way around.

If it pauses for overheating I believe the timer continues running. Supposedly, once it has cooled enough to safely proceed it will resume, if you do not turn off the machine or open the lid.

But that pause can take up to a couple of hours depending on how hot it got, and what the outside temperature is…it can take a while to cool off.

(I’ve never had one overheat, but that’s what it used to do according to stories here.)

That’s a pretty slow speed, it might have overheated. How thick was the material you were trying to cut?

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