Stuck on centering Already replaced black wire

Hello, I figured this was worth a shot to see if anyone had any similar situations or advice. My machine has been stuck on centering or scanning, I did all the various trouble shooting and then I paid for glow forge to over night me a new black lid wire. I replaced the wire and the machine started moving again, for one cut… and now the machine is back stuck on centering. Has this happened to anyone else who got a replacement cord for the lid? Of course I use this for my business and am losing business so I figured posting on this wouldn’t hurt. Oh I got my machine in August and yes I emailed customer service back this morning, but haven’t heard anything yet.

So you’re aware emailing and also posting here will slow down their response because they have to close this first - if you just want community input you should post in Everything Else.

I’m guessing you’ve already done this - but have you tried a dedicated WiFi channel, or moving your router, or getting a repeater? Stuck on centering is most often WiFi, and then only sometimes the cable. It’s possible your cable was fubar, but also that your WiFi signal was weak…it’s worth a shot!

Lots of possible reasons. Saw a post a few days ago where the replacement black cable didn’t fix the problem. After examination Support noticed it was ever so slightly, but visibly, askew in one of the connectors. Once that was corrected, with power off, the problem was solved. A shot in the dark.

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I am currently replacing mine and can easily see how it could be easy or even likely that it could be the black cable again, It is delicate, and very tricky to get right.

Opening the top lid 90 degrees can mess it up. (that messed up mine)

dealing with the same exact issue which tells me it’s something to do with their CloudBase software - the systems was working fine, then poof… just stopped.

The black ribbon of doom is like that

Hi @dracopelin, I that you already have an open email ticket for this issue and are working with you there. To avoid duplicate communication I’m going to close this topic and we will continue working with you over email.