Stuck on centering and arm not moving

my machine is stuck either centering or scanning. It does not move the head when stuck centering.

I have cleaned all 3 lenses+mirror and visually inspected the connections and they all look good.

i have switched it on with the head under the camera and I have switched it on both open and closed while leaving it on for 5+min

also, the machine does recognize when I have the lid open or closed. The laser arm isn’t even moving

if someone could point me in the direction of the next steps to take I would appreciate that
Ofcourse this is happening right before Christmas

Just to clarify…

With the machine off, the gantry moves smoothly when you gently move it?
And when you turn on the machine, it just sits there?

While it could be something else, this immediately sounds to me like it’s not able to get a good connection to the internet. Should only take a moment or so to test this out… Check your WiFi router and see what channel you’re using. Many are set to Auto by default. Specifically set your 2.4GHz channel to 1. Give your 'forge a try. If no luck, try 6. Then try 11. If none of those 3 result in a working 'forge, please let me know.



Mine is stuck too. I think the service is down AGAIN!

Not saying it’s impossible, but I ran 2 jobs within the past 30 minutes myself. (The 2nd of which still has 45 more minutes or I’d test again.)


I’m having the exact same issues. If I turn my Glowforge off, the arm moves just fine. I’ve cleaned all the lenses, mirror, checked connections, etc. I got it to print once and now we are back to being stuck calibrating. It’s been scanning for the last 20 minutes.

I know I sound ridiculous, but I don’t know how to check my wifi router channel, let alone change it. I will have to wait til the hubs gets home in an hour to check with me. Hopefully that works. Thanks for the suggestion.

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You’ll want to post your own request so you get the attention you deserve.

Not at all! I imagine most people don’t. You can generally find the instructions for your router online just by searching for the make and model of your router followed by “instructions.” It will tell you the default address, username, and password.

Thanks Tom! I really appreciate it.

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Thank you so much for the response it’s not the Internet connection because everything has been fine and I have two additional glowforge is up and running. Everything slides perfect and smooth when the machine is off but as soon as you turn the machine on the arm and laserhead never move at all it just keeps saying scanning or centering

Have any other tips or do you have fb

Kudos on the Glowforge farm! (I bet the smell is worse than an animal farm! :slight_smile: )

So… I hear you regarding the internet. But I do still think that’s your problem. At least that’s the best place to start. And I’m not saying the problem is “yours” but that the unit is experiencing an intranet/internet problem. I would still love to see you try my original suggestion of specifying a channel. Just because the WNICs came off an assembly line doesn’t mean that each one will behave identically. Perhaps one thinks he’s special. :slight_smile: If you won’t take the few seconds to set the channel, at least look to see if that particular 'forge is showing as actively connected to your WiFi. Perhaps you might want to attempt to go through the Glowforge WiFi setup again on that unit to see how it all behaves.

I would start by checking those things. Beyond that, Glowforge can check logs, but I wouldn’t expect that until Monday at the earliest. If you check/try the above, that could get you going in the next 5 minutes.


Are you a secret glowforge employee​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: lol Do you need to become my Facebook friends so if I have any questions I can just annoy you with them, i’m trying the Internet thing now


I reconnected the Internet and it didn’t do anything:(

That sounds like a Black ribbon problem to me. You want to put your name on that list so you will be notified when they come in. Support will see it in the logs to verify it. If you have several machines you might want to have some on hand, to save on shipping and having less down time. The ribbons are very fragile so are hard to see a problem in the cable itself.

Both lid open sensors go through the black ribbon.


I guess that’s possible. But how’d you come to that? I would’ve thought if the ribbon cable was busted that it would not recognize the lid opening/closing. Am I wrong about that?

So pretty much there’s nothing else I can to and we’ve always been very careful as far as opening and shutting the lid it just stopped… what do you think cost that if that is the case. The computer recognizes when they let us open in the litter shut it goes back-and-forth between scanning and centering but mostly it stays on centering

I obvious;y don’t know all the details, but there are many wires in that ribbon and one or more can have a break in any place, and even with the break the broken ends can episodically touch making it work for a moment and then not, There are other things that can cause a problem, and replacing the cable is the last thing you want to try after trying everything else first, but looking at the range of issues in P&S it would appear that the black ribbon symptoms are the most common mechanical failure I see (though not all are actually the black ribbon)

No no… I’m not saying that it’s not. I was just wondering why when the OP said the machine recognizes when the lid’s opened, that you came to a bad cable conclusion. I was just thinking that if the cable was bad it would not see that the lid’s open. Just seemed counterintuitive to me and I was wondering what the logic was there.

Because my brain kept putting a “not” somewhere in that sentence till now :flushed:

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I’m having the same issue this morning. First I got a message that it detected a “bump”, checked everything and it looks fine. Turned off the machine and it’s now stuck on centering. Just sitting doing nothing.

We have a sketchy connection but it’s Sunday morning and no one is using any wifi here. Just me trying to get a few things made for Christmas still.

Hi! I’m sorry you are having trouble.

Common symptoms and errors can have different causes and, the support staff will only address one person’s issue per P&S thread. So, please start a new thread with your issue.