Stuck on centering and focusing

For the past two weeks, every time I turn my machine on for the first time, I get one good cut. After that cut is completed and I load new material into the machine, it either gets stuck on centering or focusing. I have read every post in the problems and support section regarding this issue and I have tried EVERYTHING! I’ve only been using my machine for about 5 months!!! HELP! I am sooo over this!

mine too!

If you need Glowforge support to address your machine problems, you need to start your own post here or send them an email.

Since you’ve opened a support ticket by posting here, it would be a good idea to be a little bit more specific about what exact things you’ve tried, so they don’t have to start from zero when trying to help you.

Here are some specific steps to work through; if you can list each step you’ve tried, and what happened when you tried it, you’ll be able to get to a resolution much more quickly. :slight_smile:

There’s also a pretty good forum post that consolidates a lot of the things that can contribute to this issue here – again, list the ones you’ve tried and what the outcome was, so Support can skip having to ask you about each one. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for any delay. We received your request via email, and I see that one of my colleagues has helped you with ordering the necessary part to resolve this issue. I’m going to close this thread and we can continue working with you there.