Stuck on Centering - Bed isn't refreshed

My GF is stuck on centering and the arm isn’t moving. I hear all the clicks and whooshing of the fans but then nothing moves. The image I see is from last night, the last thing I cut, not this am. I have done the following based on a search of the community:

  1. cleaned all lenses and the camera
  2. rebooted modem, router, hit button till teal and reconnected to the GF
  3. confirmed the connection of the ribbon into the print head
  4. removed any wood from the bed.
  5. put the head under the camera then turned on
  6. left it on over night
  7. repeat of a lot of that

I have sent in a ticket, but possibly 3 days due to high volume and I have customers waiting so I thought I’d check with the geniuses in the community while I’m waiting. Any other tips to try?

FYI you just opened a ticket with Support by posting here. :slight_smile: Don’t also send an email, since that makes duplicate tickets and slows things down.

Your list is pretty complete; I can only think of a couple more things for you to try:

  • Make sure the logo on top of the head is clean
  • Set up your phone as a hotspot and connect the GF to it to bypass your WiFi connection (tells us whether we need to delve deeper into potential WiFi issues).
  • Toss a towel over the lid to eliminate any glare from outside the machine that might be confusing the camera.
  • Check the 5 ribbon cable connections; at the camera, left center of lid, left rear of lid, right rear of lid, and where the black cable from the lid connects into the lower part of the machine. If any of those seem suspicious, take a photo and post here for Support to see.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the list as it gave me new things to try. No luck so far, but thank you very much!

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I know this is probably a dumb question, but since you didn’t explicitly mention it I thought I’d ask: Did you refresh your browser? I had this happen yesterday & opening and closing the GF, then refreshing the browser did the trick.

I had the same problem 3 days ago. Glowforge is sending me a new lid cable

Great question and I did. I cleared all the history and cache to make sure.

I have a friend that had the same problem. Good luck to you!!

Same problem here! I just unboxed my machine on Tuesday and I STILL cannot use it. I’ve reset everything, checked cables, done the lid trick, connected to my hotspot…absolutely does not leave “centering”. I have a show tomorrow and had hoped to unbox it and use it in “20 minutes”…I’m several hours in with no luck. :frowning:

I’ve emailed support and created a topic which was closed yesterday-still no solution!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.