Stuck on centering, doesnt click sometimes

We just got our fixed print head back, and now after reattaching it, sometimes it will do its clicking with the laser head, sometimes it just goes straight to the yellow light. When it does the clicking, it will move to the center and the yellow light comes on. Tried opening the lid and turning it on, tried turning it on with the laser in the middle, that makes it so it doesnt click. Everything is clean. Print head worked fine in the test laser before it was sent back to me. Checked all the cables. And of course its out of warranty now.

Any advice?

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If the print head can’t be found (e.g. isn’t connected), the light turns yellow. If it is connected, the first thing the Glowforge does when you power it on is tell the print head to calibrate the focus mechanism, which is the clicking noises. It all sounds like the machine isn’t able to reliably talk to the print head.

Did you run the printer head setup tool already?


That was my first thought. Checked all my cables and even unclipped and reclipped them just in case. Nothing looks burnt or dirty. My only thought is the white printer cable is messed up, but if its moving and clicking then theres power going to it. It gets to the center the moved a tiny bit and stops and turns yellow.

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And I cant even get to that… It tells me the print head is busy. It wont get to where I can run anything on the machine,

If it doesn’t do anything at power-up, then it has no wifi connection - so if it does sometimes, then moves to the center and the light comes on, it’s an intermittent issue communicating with the head.

Re-check the connection to the grey ribbon cable very carefully, because if you can’t find the issue there, your machine will likely need to be replaced. Also check the condition of the cable itself - some people have had it wear thru.

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It will sometimes click, then move to the center. Other times it will do nothing and just turn yellow. I ordered another cable. Going to try to replace that first.

That cable is not a user replaceable part, GF doesn’t sell it.

If you mean you ordered a black lid cable, that has nothing to do with the issues you are seeing.

I ordered the white print cable. There is a company who sells them and also helps you install them. Hoping that this is the issue.

Good luck!

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