Stuck on "Centering" for a while

My machine is either stuck on “centering” or “scanning”. The camera is clean, the wifi is good, I have unplugged and restarted. I don’t know what else to do. It is extremely frustrating for a machine that cost so much to not function. Please help!

If you’ve followed all the troubleshooting steps on the official support page for this issue, then it’s likely just a lid cable that will need to be replaced. Support will work with you via email to get one to you.

Thank you, I have tried it all. I don’t understand because last week it worked fine?

The cable can wear out over time and break inside, where you can’t see it. (Particularly if you open the lid fully upright…it stresses the cable where it crosses the lid edge.) That means it will work fine right up until it doesn’t.

Just wait to hear from Glowforge support if you have run through all the other tests, they will have to arrange for a replacement cable. They cost about $20 or so if you are out of warranty.

Thank you so much! How do they know if it’s the cable without seeing the laser?

Oh, we can’t tell by looking at it, but support can by checking the logs, and by first eliminating all of the other tests for WiFi, etc. It’s just a common issue from about the time that you bought your machine…assuming you bought early last year. (They have since lengthened the leg on the cable, and with reasonable care, they can last much longer now.)

They replace them as needed…mine hasn’t needed to be replaced yet.

Thank you so much! It’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to use my laser until a replacement is sent as I have orders to fill. Lost revenue (especially now) is a big deal for me. :frowning:

If you’re using it for business, having a second one on hand for emergencies is just smart business thinking. (Maybe pick up a used Basic nearby if you see one offered for sale.)

Machines do go down sometimes. In the meantime, you can contact your customers and let them know there will be a (hopefully) short delay. They might be able to wait a little.

Hi there, I see you’ve reached out to us via email as well. I’ll be following up with you via that email to get you all taken care of so I’ll be locking this thread.