Stuck on centering, no head movement

My Basic has been stuck in centering mode for 2 hours now. There’s no head movement. I’ve unplugged everything and restarted everything multiple times with no luck. I’ve scoured the forum for a solution and nothing has worked. Please help!

In order for anyone to assist you will want to include exactly which steps you have taken. The forum has a huge amount of information and we have no way to tell exactly what you have actually done. If you can list the steps you have done and include any additional details or other information that may assist it will help.
How long have you had the machine?

I have had my Basic a little under a month. I use it about 3-4 hours daily. It stopped working tonight after pulling a completed project (ceramic tile) out of the machine and putting a new one in.

It went to centering mode a d stayed there. I turned everything off then back on. Unplugged and replugged. I cleaned the lens as suggested on the GF site with Zeiss wipes.

At one point the head lurched forward at a high rate of speed and hit the front of the machine. It was a hard enough hit to leave a scratch on the black head.

I then turned the machine off and gently guided the lens to the back left corner. The head no longer moves when the machine is turned on.

Try this…
Turn off the Glowforge, reboot your router and your computer. After the router and computer have completed the reboot, turn on the Glowforge and let it run completely through the startup calibration before you open the app.

Make sure before you turn the Glowforge on, that you have moved the head all the way back to the left rear corner of the bed.


I did that it my lens box just sits there. Without opening the app I can assume it would say “centering”. I have confirmed its not a router issue. Full strength, full connection. There’s no movement to the black box so according to their troubleshooting guide it may be a hardware issue.


You’re probably correct that there’s some hardware issue. But a couple more things to check…
Can you look at your router to see that the Glowforge is actually connected currently?
Another thing to try, as I’ve run into this myself, is try changing 2.4GHz channels on your router. I was having a similar issue once, changed channels, and before the rebooted router page even opened up, the Glowforge head started to move. It was a quick and instant fix.

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Do you know how to change the network channel? I am running on 2.4 GHz but with no other devices operating (using 4g for phone).

You’ll want to look that up for yours. Basically, you log into your router, find your 2.4 GHz settings, pick a channel. You’re probably set to “Auto.” Pick a channel. I suggest 1. See if it works. If that doesn’t work, since you were on Auto, try 11 afterwards and see if that works. Feel free to try other channels. I suggest 6 next. Beyond that, take your pick. But if, after 3 channels, it’s not working, you’ve pretty clearly got some other issue happening.

Have you looked at all the connections to the head, that it is seated correctly and the head carriage ribbon is connected and seated correctly? Can you see the motor wires and their connections? Are the belts correctly looped?

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.