Stuck on centering. Suggestions?

I’ve checked all of the clips mentioned in other posts. GF was working a couple of days ago. Now stuck and non-functional.

Any tips or solutions?

Just so we are clear, you have turned it off and placed the head under the camera then turned it back on?

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I have. Good suggestion though.

Okay, has there been any change to the lighting in the room where the glowforge is kept?


Try power cycling the Forge, and before you turn it back on, open the lid (and keep it open). Apparently that will keep it from attempting centering while it (potentially) is downloading and applying any systemic updates.

When I had an issue related to the Google outage, I was stuck for a while and this seemed to solve it for me.

Of course, a few other things to look for / try are cleaning the top of the laser head (make sure the GF logo is clean), manually move the head to upper left corner (with power off), and check your router / DNS assignments to make sure nothing has been given the same IP address as the Forge.

(I strongly recommend permanently assigning a fixed IP address to your 'Forge, and ensuring that it falls outside of any ad-hoc assigned IP addresses.)

No, no change at all.

Well, I’m sorry but those two cover 99% of the environmental issues. Now you wait for CS to look at your logs. Most of the time it is the cable at the back of the lid and is something they can let you change. Good luck.

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I appreciate your questions to help me! Thanks, brother!

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The GF takes a picture using the lid camera and sends it to the GF servers to look for the GF logo on the top of the laser head. When you get stuck on centering there are a few things that can be happening:

  1. The GF logo cannot be found in the picture. This can be caused by lighting or objects on the bed creating confusion. I find it best to cover my GF with a towel during the centering process to eliminate any outside light sources. Also try removing material from the bed during the centering process.

  2. The picture sent is no good. Recently there have been problems reported with the black cable running from the lid camera. If this cable is bad then the picture will be corrupt or black and the GF server cannot find the GF logo.

  3. Issue with the internet connection. Since the GF operates via the internet if you don’t have internet service then the picture can’t get to the GF server.

  4. Wifi - the GF doesn’t seem to play well with others using the same wifi channel. Sometimes a simple reboot of the router will solve the problem, sometimes selecting a different channel is required.

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Try restarting with no material on the bed – it happened to me when I had matte black acrylic in the bed and it couldn’t focus on it.


Good idea! I did that yesterday, but keep the ideas coming!

New wifi-connected stuff in the house? New furnishings between the GF and the router that might be blocking the signal path?

I’m trying… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good ideas again! Nothing physical or digital has changed for months.

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble. Thanks to everyone in this thread for helping. However, after extracting the logs from your Glowforge it looks like the problem you’re experiencing is caused by a problem with the black cable on the lid of your Glowforge. I’ll follow up by email shortly to sort out the details of getting a replacement cable to you.