Stuck on Centering with no help

My machine has been stuck on centering for over a week and a half. I sent support an email stating that I have cleaned my machine and checked everything out and sent them pictures of all my cord connections. It took them several days to get back with me and they said they would send me a new lid cable under warranty. I asked when the cable would ship since this is a busy time for me. They gave me the option to pay for express shipping last Monday. I paid for the shipping and still have not gotten a tracking number. Keep sending emails with the only response being “I will check on that” they have since refunded my money and still no response. How do I get ahold of someone to find out when my cable will come?? I have never spent this much money on something and not be able to have customer support.

Mine is stuck on scanning as of the past day or two. Actually - it gets stuck on scanning, then if I open and close the lid the head moves around like it’s centering, but it never really finishes the centering process (just keeps moving the head a few mm diagonally at a time.

I wonder if something broader is going on, as I also saw another person with it stuck on centering in the posts. Everything has been cleaned, etc… in all the posts I’ve seen.

@wewright - you likely have a weak WiFi signal, but support only helps one person per thread so you should either email them or create your own post.

They don’t ship the cables from the same location as CS is (especially as they are all working from home). Once you confirmed you wanted it they contacted their warehouse who has to pull a cable and set it up for shipping. It generally takes about a week (per past folks commenting). If you don’t pay for priority it’s closer to 2. So with getting your money back you’re likely to be looking at the 2 weeks. Also as this is a duplicate ticket they will come here to close this and then send you another email.

You’ve ordered a relatively inexpensive laser from a small start-up. If you want instant customer service there are companies out there that have been in business for decades, but their lasers start at around 10k. In the few years :glowforge: has been in business they’ve gone from a week to get the first answer to less than 1 business day - so it’s grown hugely - but they’ve also gone from ~1k prints a month, to 1.5 million in November. They are growing, and improving, practically daily.

I understand it is not that much compared to my 2 5- axis Waterjets and my 1500 watt laser that I have for my main job. This small laser was added to help with part marking of my current parts. But with me not being able to produce the parts that my big clients need I am running very far behind

Hello @swiftmfg - I just swung by your latest email, it sounds like you’ve received the part at this point and I’ve sent you some follow up steps to make sure that installation went well. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic and we can finish up via email, thanks!