Stuck on connect to wi-fi

I got it to supposedly connect to my wi-fi, but things happened (had to do other things so I turned it off) and I’m back to the "Connect Your Glowforge to Wi Fi’ page, and now I can’t get the teal light and I can’t seem to go anywhere past this point.

Currently when I turn it on, no lights come on for the button.

Have you gone to Sounds like you successfully got through the WiFi connection so should be good to go?

That is how it should be, as stated, sounds like it’s connected just fine.

As @eflyguy says, this is normal. Once you’ve connected the GF to wifi the button will not glow on startup. It’ll pulse white when it’s ready after you hit “print” in the GFUI and it’ll glow other assorted colors for errors.

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble during setup. It looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great!

Typically, once you’ve connected your Glowforge to your Wi-Fi network and started printing, you don’t need to go through the Wi-Fi setup steps again unless your network name or password changes, or you want to connect to a different network.

Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing any problems?

nope sorry, no problems, just got a little confused, it never officially told me I was connected, but looks like I was after the first attempt.

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Fantastic! I appreciate you updating us. I’m glad to hear everything is going well.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at in the future if you run into any more trouble. We’re here to help!

I’ll close this topic now.