Stuck on cooling fault

I’m trying to not have a panic attack! I have a pro model and yesterday it paused during a job of ornaments I was making for the staff at my kids’ school. I thought it was odd but it carried on a few second later. I have been running her like crazy lately but have been making sure to clean her regularly. My studio is naturally on the colder side so I know the ambient temp isn’t too high.

I started a job this morning and heard the fan but noticed that the stepper motors weren’t making noise. So I went over and sure enough it was just sitting still. I looked at the browser and it said it was cooling down. I thought it was odd since I wasn’t printing anything slow or intense.

Well I haven’t been able to successfully print anything and I have a few orders that still need to be finished that are supposed to be picked up on Monday or Tuesday. I also have quite a few Christmas presents to finish. This is the worst feeling. I’ve emailed support but I’m guessing I’m not going to hear anything until at least Monday.

Not having a go at anyone just feel so helpless without my machine out of order! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I haven’t had that happen to me in years. But I just had this happen to me tonight. And it’s ~28ºF outside (that’s -2ºC for the majority of the world), so overheating seems unlikely, especially when I’m venting outside. But it occurred to me… I wonder if the Glowforge is just too damn stupid to know the difference between hot and cold. So I took the vent hose completely inside. In <2 minutes it started cutting again (and I had to quickly run back down and put the vent hose back. Acrylic STINKS!).

Not sure if you have a similar situation (<freezing outside and venting to the outside). But if you do, it’s something to consider.

If not… Are you dead in the water right now? Boots up and says it’s too warm right off the bat? Or… What’s the current situation?

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I thought that too because mine is directly vented outside. It’s only 50 degrees outside. I actually have a little space heater that I point in the direction of the hose for that very reason. I thought that maybe it was too warm so I turned it off early this morning. I have had the too cool error. It happened a few months ago hence space heater pointed at the hose. I may try disconnecting the hose to see if it works because I have so much to do! It would be amazing if that’s the problem.

I tried it and I got really excited. I was able to do a few prints. Then I got too comfortable. I started printing a box for an illuminated ornament and it got 80% through and is stuck again! :cry:

Damn. Well, I’m sorry to say I’ve got nothing else. I think Glowforge may need to look at your logs. But maybe somebody else has another idea to try.

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I’m letting Jezzy take a break. I’ll try to see if she’ll cooperate in the morning. Thanks for lookin out!

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Yeah, of course! Hope it gets working quickly!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.