Stuck on Focusing GF bed not resetting,

Hopefully someone can help, so recently my GF has stopped working, its fully powers on however its does no calibrate its the laser head doesn’t move, I cleaned the GF reset my internet and still nothing. The GF bed still has the same image from my last print and its on the software its just says focusing.

Sounds like the black lid cable has failed.

That was my thoughts too after watching some Youtube videos , just weird its not even a year old.

the cable is easily replaced, you can buy one at the glowforge shop, or several people on here sell them (myself included)


Hi @restalgic, did you happen to know more about this? Mine literally just did this yesterday as well, and it worked perfectly the night before. Did you also get a yellow light?, my X and Y does not move and the bed is not refreshing, it gives a yellow light on the button and is stuck in focusing ever since. I sent support an email but it’ll probably take 3 days to reply, sucks because I have stuff to make and isn’t financially capable to have a backup glow forge.

to add to this, another member posted on here that she had this problem in Dec 2021, what I don’t like is glow forge support took that post to be resolve offline and never gave a solution to it. all the stuff i have research on here so far with yellow light and stuck at focusing is over heating and camera cables. i have check them all. Is there a way to get a diagnostic code instead of just a yellow light so I can just replace the part.

The yellow light is an indication that the communication between the white cable and the printhead is not functioning. With the machine off, remove the white cable and inspect the pins to see if any are bent. Replace the cable, making sure that it clicks in securely. If you were experiencing a temperature problem, you would probably get an error message that your Glowforge was too hot or too cold.

GF is sending me a replacement head under Warranty, so Hopefully that corrects the issue. The support staff was very nice and efficient. So it looks like this issue could be caused by multiple issues.

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