Stuck on focusing loop, anyone know how to get out alive!

I’ve gone through other posts…the only thing I haven’t done (I think) is connect machine to my wifi on phone. Got to run out the door so I can try when I get back.

Here’s what happens:

Stuck on Focusing.
I hit that button (the one that should say Ready)
Print Unsuccessful pop up
Hit Align Manually
Unexpected error pop-up
Got It
Takes me to Design Library
Open Pro Pass Through Remainder

I’ve turned GF on/off, I’ve reloaded the app, I’ve cleaned the entire machine (vacuum, swept and debris, made sure no debris when re-seating crumb tray, cleaned lenses, heard the click when re-seating camera, put a piece of material on top to make sure there is not excessive light, the Set Focus button is grayed out. Tried a design that doesn’t require Passthrough slot, still Set Focus is grayed out and stuck on Focusing.

And this on top of not once being able to complete a pass through. My machine has switched over to align manually, but my machine is so out of calibration, you can visually see the lines don’t match up.

I’ve run the recalibration twice on draftboard.

This really feels like I need a replacement. I sent this machine back a couple months ago because I had the broken lid issue some others had (glue separation on back hinge). When I got back the machine the lid wasn’t properly aligned, there’s a gap on the left side side when you close and interference with the lid and machine on the front right side

Any other recommendations? Thanks!

To fix the lid alignment make sure you have a completely flat surface to sit the machine on and try a shim under a corner. Play around until you get the gap corrected. The case is quite flexible so you may need to shim one or more corners to get it all straight.
Sorry but I can’t help with the stuck on focus problem.

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Started playing around with shims and definitely seeing some shifting, so I’ll try to find the sweet spot. Thanks for that.

Then I guess I’ll have to do another draftboard calibration. As I type this, I realize I’m not clear on what the lid camera and laser camera do. Just thinking if I’m adjusting the lid then calibration will have to happen again.

Not to sure about the rest of it but the lid camera is not the clearest camera for anyone. The stuck on focus thing could be a bad black cable perhaps? You’ll have to wait for the experts to chime in.
Best of luck.

i noticed that after one of the updates my camera has never been the same.
What you might try doing it to put some kind of color sheet / paper / to help it focus.

I have to do this now sometimes as the black material i use just does not reflect enough light to the camera, worth a try.

Thanks @colakid. I’ll give it a try. Any color sheet? And right on top of the material I’m focusing on?

So is the lid camera to show the whole image on the bed, and the laser camera measures? I don’t which of them (or both) is messed up, but I can tell when it shows me the picture of the bed it’s warped or not calibrated or whatever the term might be.

Yes, just waiting around for that expert panel so I can use the Passthrough slot with “exacting precision to be sure it prints perfectly, every time” to make “giant-sized prints”.

I usually use a sheet of white copy paper right on top. I keep a corner extending out the Passthrough slot. If you’ve got a basic or plus, just use a small piece of blue painters tape.

I’ve had very good results with the passthrough beta, but it took some getting used to before I could confidently predict whether everything was going to line up as expected on the “remainder” passes.

In particular, the image in the GFUI that you’re supposed to use to verify that the auto-alignment worked as expected never shows the next pass cuts lining up exactly with what’s already been cut, even though things do work out when I press the big white button for the next pass. Fortunately, the GFUI image is always off in the same way, and that lets me determine when the auto-alignment has worked.

I’ve also noticed that things seem to work out best if: 1) With each pass, the work piece is slid straight forward without any rotation. To help with this I made a ruler-like jig I pin to the bed for the workpiece to slide along. And 2) there are cut lines, more or less in the y-direction (front to back) that extend across pass boundaries and are pretty far apart. Eight inches, say. That seems to give the auto-align the best change to get it right.

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@jamesdhatch Okay, I’ll try the white paper extending through the passthrough. Yes, it’s the passthrough attempts giving me such grief, because obviously if it’s not aligned, it’s a wash.

It seems that people using the passthrough are using auto-alignment, but it has jumped to “manually align” for me.


I’m sorry about the ongoing trouble with your Glowforge. Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending this one be repaired. I’ll be in touch via email very soon to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.