Stuck on focusing with amber solid button

Super emergency! I have orders that are in dire need to go out and our machine just quit on us last night.

It finished one sheet then the light went orange. I’ve read every forum post about this issue and feel like I’m running out of options. I’ve also emailed support but have yet to receive a response.

Our pin heads are that connect in the 5 spots on the machine and the pins of the ribbon that connect to the head are fine. I’ve followed all the instructions on cleaning the machine from the lenses to the mirror to properly removing and reinstalling the large cutting lense. I’ve left the lid open for half an hour with the laser centered. And I’ve rebooted our router multiple times with no luck.

Also, we always turn off and unplug when not in use. It has been shut down since 9pm last night and the unit is very cool right now so I can’t imagine it being overheated since it has had the time to cool down since our last cut.

When it boots up the fan runs as normal but there are no clicking sounds. It’s not even trying to center. Not sure what’s going on but hoping to get an answer today so I can figure out my next course of action.

Orange may mean your laser is overheated. Do you monitor the temperature of the laser next to its right side?

It looks like you are using the Glowforge as part of a business. You may want to think about a backup plan while you are waiting for Support to get back to you. This will help you be prepared for the inevitable failures that occur when using a mechanical system.

You may also want to reach out to other Glowforge owners in your area to see if they can assist in getting your orders out.


With the holidays it is running a lot more but it’s cool outside and near a window. We’ve also let it cool down for over 12 hours and it still isn’t turning back on.

That does sound like a more serious issue. I don’t have any further suggestions except to wait for Support.

That’s what I’m worried about :frowning:

Just to set expectations, it can take a few business days for them to respond, but sometimes it can happen sooner. The default response when opening a ticket via email is three business days.

Hi, just something to check, make sure there’s nothing up against the right side of your unit, or that a loose piece of paper has been sucked up against the air intake holes on the underside on the right side of the unit–any restriction to the air flow IN will affect the internal cooling process!

And also make sure the fan isn’t clogged, or a kink in your duct–akin to the air IN, if it can’t get out, makes it hard to cool (but if exhaust side affected, you’d notice more smell & dust…).

Yes, I know. I was just hoping by also posting here someone may have had an idea or solution I hadn’t come across or thought of.

It’s near a wall (but not up against it) but we haven’t moved it since we got it and this issue just started occurring last night. I’ve moved it more to make additional room and made sure there is nothing clogging the intake fan. I’ve removed the metal vent as well. It’s definitely dirty but nothing substantial enough to create a clog. I’ve taken it outside and knocked it out. The exhaust doesn’t look terrible but I’ve attached a photo in case there is something I’m not seeing.

It it was turned off for 12 hours then you get the same color when you turned it back on, it’s not an overheating issue. Do you have a thermometer you can use to see what the temperature is inside the case?

Not saying it’s temperature related. Just tossing out ideas.

I don’t, do you know a good one I could get for the future? To the touch it feels cool though like the case that holds the laser.

Just for kicks I pulled our food thermometer and laid it on what I’m assuming is a motor on the right inside right of the machine and it tempted it at 73 degrees.

If you leave it there for a while to acclimate (just laying on the crumb tray) and you get the same, then that’s ok. The machine has a minimum working temp as well, but 73 is fine.

We are in Florida and our house is set to 76 and it’s currently 80 outside for what it’s worth.

Crumb tray is at 73/74

That’s close to the limits for the basic and plus:

Recommended Operating Temperature: 60F-75F (16C-24C) Basic and Plus; 60F-81F (16C-27C) Pro

Perhaps your AC isn’t running as much with cooler temps outside, so it’s actually warmer in that room than it has been before.

We have a pro laser

I should also note I have restarted the router a couple times and we are getting a good reading on our speed test.

I always find that turning off the router and any other network devices for about 2 minutes and then starting them up starting at the modem and moving to the router and then devices does better. This speed test is a test of your internet connection between your device and some server and may not be accurate for your GF since you aren’t running the test from that device. Your GF may be getting interference from an outside source or may not have a solid connection to the WiFi router.

I don’t think that the orange light indicates a connectivity issue, though I may be wrong.

Just unplugged the router for about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, we can’t move our router but still showing orange on the machine :frowning: