Stuck on homing and making a loud noise

Everything was going well until randomly my GF started making a loud noise upon startup. Instead of the usually callibration the arm keeps wanting to go backwards and is hitting the back wall of the machine.

Try turning it off, taking everything off the bed, aligning the printhead under the lid camera and then turning it back on. Also, if there is a bright light shining into the bed try to eliminate that.


Sometimes the empty voids in partially used pieces of material can confuse the algorithm that’s looking for the print head in the photos to do the homing/centering. It thinks one of those holes near the middle of the bed is the print head, so is trying to send the print head further back and left. Since the actual print head is already at the back, it can’t do that. Wait until the machine is running and has already centered/homed before putting partially used pieces of material on the bed.


Okay great taking a skewer in poking out any crumbs that are stuck in the grate seemed to do the trick.

I am back in operation


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