Stuck on Homing -- head not moving under the camera, light goes on

This is a new one for me.

When I turn on the GF:

  1. fans start up.
  2. I get the ticking sounds
  3. the head moves 1/4 in and then moves back to home
  4. the light goes on
  5. the status in my UI says “Homing”

Typically it moves to the center and starts the homing process. But in this case, it’s not moving to the center.

I tried:

  1. turning it on and off.
  2. turning my network on and off.
  3. turning off the GF and manually moving the head and the laser gantry. They both move smoothly.
  4. disconnecting the head and reconnecting it.

I’m not sure what to try next. Any help is appreciated.

Dang Ben, I’m almost as anxious as you are to know what’s going on. If this gets closed please let us know how it resolves.

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Two things to try:
Remove any material from the bed, then turn on the machine.
If that doesn’t work, then with power off, move head to near the center/under lid camera, then power on.

If those don’t help, it’s likely the black lid cable.

I had it happen once, it was previously cut material on the bed.

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I walked over to try what you suggested. I had left the GF on since this morning, and now the head was under the camera. Somehow it moved in the past 2 hours. I left it there, turned it off and back on, and now it seems to work.

I’m really not sure what was happening this morning. I wonder if it was doing an update or something. I’ve never seen the head move a little bit, stop, go back, and then have the light go on. I’d love to know what that means.

But at least I’m back in production.



During boot up, the machine has to talk to the head camera, and if that process fails, the calibration process halts. You can see evidence of it in the logs from machines that have had the ribbon cable fail (logs that have been shared here, my turn hasn’t come up yet.)

Was there material on the bed? I ask, because if there was an error in processing (due to the image it captured) I could see it re-starting. If it’s a communication issue with the camera, it appears that it will not re-try.

… unless your machine was slow to download an update and reboot, which would re-start the calibration process. Mine did pick up an update this morning, but it rebooted within 30 seconds or so of powering on.


It’s possible it was slow to do an update. My network is pretty slow this morning.

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That might have explained it. Fingers crossed!


Mine did the same thing yesterday and was cutting straight lines off. I just turned it off and left it off. LOL This morning, all is better.

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I’m having the same problem right now. I turn on the GF and the head doesn’t move, and messages are either ‘Centering’ or ‘Homing’.

If you want help from support, you need to start your own thread, or send an email. Support can only help one customer per ticket.

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Sigh… Roger that.

I had a similar freeze up and thought oh dang I’ve finally lost the lid cable. But no, I just waited, and it finally came back to me. It was a scary moment though. I suspect it was a wireless issue on our part as we’d recently upgraded some things (during the hot weeks when I didn’t run the laser at all). Hopefully it won’t happen again, need to make a lot of prints now that it’s cooler.

Having the same issue!

Support can only help one customer per ticket. You need to start your own thread with details about your issue.

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At least they are searching the forum to find similar issues. :slight_smile: They are trying!

But @eflyguy is right, if you DO need help, you will need your own ticket/thread.

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When I have this problem it almost always requires me to clean the lens on the camera. Making sure that is clean usually does the trick but 1 time I had to reset it after I cleaned it. Doesn’t happen often, but it has happened a couple of time in the ~year I have owned it.

I’ve had that problem before, and cleaning the lens was the solution, but this time, the head was not even making it under the camera.

The solution was to leave my GF on for a while, and come back. My current hypothesis is that it was doing an update, and my wifi was very slow. And I kept turning it off mid-way through the update. But I could be completely off.

Hi @polarbrainfreeze - I’m glad to hear the issue cleared up for you. It’s very possible that this was simply a network hiccup occurring during the homing process causing things to bog down.

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread since everything looks to be working now, please feel free to reach out if you have issues come back.