Stuck on Homing/Scanning

Hi @kari_621 - this should be fixed for everyone now. If it’s still not fixed for you, please reach out to our Support team. Thank you!

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Up and running now!! Thank you!! :+1: :smiley:

Mine is stuck on focusing. The bed won’t refresh. Very aggravating! Latest email at 4:04 said they identified an issue causing degraded service when using the GF app to calibrate. Then, that a fix had been implemented and issue resolved. Nothing is resolved on my end. Are you guys still having trouble?

Emily, nothing is fixed on my end. I turn the machine on, the bed won’t refresh, and it’s clocking ‘focusing.’ What the heck?

Sorry about that! Can you reach out to our Support team either by calling them at 1-855-338-2122 or reaching out to them at to see what may be happening. They are still available until 5pm PT if you want to talk to someone now. Thanks!

It’s resolved. Thanks!

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Great! Appreciate your patience!

SAME!!! I have already asked for a replacement but of course support has not answered my multiple multiple emails.
Has anyone found a fix yet?

This post is from over 3 weeks ago, so the issue being discussed here was long ago resolved. I just answered your other post about this. This is NOT the source of your problem. Since you say you’ve emailed them…have you tried calling them? 1-855-338-2122


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