Stuck on "Lid open" message at my first attempt to print!

I have already opened a support ticket 4 business days ago, and I received an auto-reply indicating that I should receive a reply within 3 Business days if not less.
I just got to open my box (of a pro model) and connected to wifi, I chose my design to print and got stuck at the “lid open” status.
I have read and followed all the instructions in this forum to tackle this problem but nothing happened.
I have tried:
1- power cycle of all the 3 devices (Glowforge, PC, and router)
2- remove the crumb tray, the pro shields, made sure that the front door close tightly.
3- I made sure the table is leveled, and the lid is leveled with the surface.
4- I reset the wifi, and cleared the cash of my PC.

The leds of the lid are working, but not bright.

I read through few threads and most of them ended with a message" unable to resolve remotely!" This is going to be a very long and expensive process since I am located out of the US!
I am frustrated especially with the long wait after submitting the ticket, and the inability to talk to anyone from customer service.

Every reply is much appreciated.

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The sensors for the lid open message are in the front bottom lip of the lid. They are magnetic. When the lid meets the front fold down panel the two sensors come in close proximity to magnets in that panel. If everything meets properly the sensor should enable and send a signal indicating that the lid is fully closed.

If you lift the lid high you can look under it at where the connection for the sensors meet the led strips at the front left and right corners of the lid glass. Make sure that both of those two pin plug connectors are seated properly.

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Thank you very much.
I checked the connectors and they seem ok. The magnets of the front door are in their places as well.

If everything is level and the lid sits flush, try making everything a little less than perfectly level. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

Something to verify because you have a PRO with the pass through guards.

Press on the edges of the front door and watch where the guard, crumb tray, and door meet. (do not press the middle of the front door - it seems weaker because of the slot)
A few times after cleaning I have had to loosen the guards and adjust them so the door could sort of snick into place at the crumb tray.

The guard comes into contact with the crumb tray and will block a good closing if not in the right alignment.


Thank you brokendrum for your reply.

I actually removed the crumb tray and the guards so as not to have any restricted movement of the front door. The door closes well and snaps in place when it meets the stoppers on both sides.

:sweat::cold_sweat: I have the same problem, I have a few days with the same message and it does not change, I have tried everything, clean, align, look and nothing happens :sob:. and I’m also out of the USA, I live in Madrid Spain :ceuta_and_melilla:

I wonder what is the current actual wait time to get a response from the support team. Today is my 5th business day and I haven’t heard back from them. Is this a normal wait time? or should I resubmit another ticket?
Has anyone tried to call them?
Is the wait time the same for every response? or once the ticket got assigned to someone s/he would reply quickly?

Give it a week, and if you have not heard back from them, send a Reply to the original auto-reply that you got when you sent the first email. That keeps everything in a single ticket thread for them, which is easier for them to keep track of.

(The more you submit additional emails, the longer it takes them to track down all the previous ones, and it actually slows things down.)

They are going to research things and come to a decision before responding. It’s just the way they do things, and I get the feeling they don’t have time to keep telling people that they’re still working on it. If you haven’t heard in a week though, you can check to make sure that it didn’t get lost in the shuffle. A week is reasonable. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m so sorry for the delay. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.