Stuck on "Needs Calibration"

Success! The light turned green on its own, it reconnected to Wi-Fi just fine, and we got our first couple cuts. I’d love to know which switch you flipped, but understand if you can’t say. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help! We’re all set to go now.



Hmm. Two posts, one said teal, the other green. Now personally I’m one of those that would be happy with only 8 colors in a box of Crayola’s. But got me thinking… Wonder how many GF owners are color blind? Definitely need to move toward useful text error messages.

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Plus how many people know what colour teal is or ever use it to describe something?

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Honestly (and not being snarky or sexist or anything else here) I would venture to guess that all or most of the female users - and a decent % of men as well - would be able to do so.

Though I agree that sticking to basic colors might be ideal in this situation :wink:


Yes just checked with my wife and she said bluey green so perhaps its just me. It seems to be half intensity cyan.

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I believe you are quite correct. Certainly, any artists or designers or painters here, as well as those who give any thought to their wardrobe color choices (or are ever asked by their partner if X, Y, or Z color looks good on them), or seriously look at options for painting this room or that, or…


Nope, my husband wouldn’t get it either :wink:

As @rand said, artists/designers/creatives may know and distinguish between detailed/ nuanced colors. So perhaps the difference in perspective is not necessarily gender based, so much as whether the person is more of a creative or logical thinker.

Yes I think they must have chosen it to match their logo but it isn’t a good choice for a status indication.

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What are y’all talking about? This is teal.



They are not mutually exclusive.

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To be clear: After Rita’s change, with no intervention on my part, the button turned green. I restarted the Glowforge, held the unlit button, and the button turned a pulsating teal the way it did the last few times I reconnected it to the network. The button was very clearly solid green after the change (firmware update?), and blue-green “breathing” after I restarted it and held the button (for it to turn on its configuration hotspot).

Your point stands about the color code being somewhat in the eye of the beholder, and subject to color blindness and perception, but I used two names because there were two colors I saw.


I’m glad to hear you’re up and printing, @jeffbowman.

Thank you to everyone else for the feedback.

This is a special case. Typically, the only colors you should see are teal (your Glowforge is broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal) and yellow (check