Stuck on Preparing Your Print with Passthrough

I have a design I am trying to print with the passthrough. When I choose to Print it gets stuck on Preparing Your Print.

I have tried 4 times and waited at least 15 minutes each time. One time I let it go for an hour and when I came back it was still stuck.

When I tried the same design with no passthrough it takes less than 5 minutes to calculate with a print time of 33 minutes.

Am I missing something with the passthrough?

I’m sorry that you ran into trouble while using the Pro Passthrough feature. I extracted the logs from your unit and saw that a later print attempt completed successfully. Did that print turn out well? Also, are you still running into long processing times for the prints?

If so, may I have a copy of the design you’re printing so that we can take a closer look into this on our end?

Hi. Yeah it kept getting stuck the night before last. Last night I was able to bring up the exact same print and it took less than 10 minutes to process each step. It came out ok except for one weird letter spacing between the first and second pass. But for what I was using it for it is not an issue. It probably would not have been acceptable if I was selling it.

Thanks for the follow up.

Hello @jtandrew -

Glad to hear you were able to get this print going.

Please let us know if you have any further troubles, questions, or anything at all we can help with!