Stuck on "Preparing your Print"

I am running to machines: A Plus and a Pro. The Plus is doing great - no issues, no lag.

Yesterday, the Pro worked great all morning and after I took a break and came back in the afternoon things just stopped being great. At first it was stuck on centering, then homing. Then scanning. Finally, after cleaning and recleaning I got it to get to the “ready” screen. Now it just gets stuck on “preparing your print.” It tells me I am in the fast lane, but it just hangs and eventually times out with an error. It’s not the design - these are designs I’ve used hundreds to thousands of times.

I restarted the forge several times. I rebooted my router, my computer, cleared the cache, logged in and out multiple times. I don’t think it is an internet issue as the Plus is chugging away problem-free.

What’s left to check? My Pro is the better cutter and I really need to be running two machines right now.

It could be the size of the file or if you have other things using the same WiFi plus both machines your bandwidth could be the issue. I had to separate my machine to a separate WIFI signal with all the other things I have using the WIFI cause the signal would be degraded and slow everything down…

Yeah, sounds wifi-ish to me, too. Try connecting that machine via a cell phone hotspot and see if that fixes it?

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I see you already posted about this in the forum and are getting help there, so I’ll close this now. We will continue support through your email request.