Stuck on processing

I have been running into difficulties today. About 50% of the time my file uploads without issue. The other 50% it takes forever. I have tried checking my Wi-Fi connections, cleaning the lenses and restarting the Glowforge and the laptop. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I have not had problems today. Have you tried a different browser or tried just dragging your file into the interface rather than uploading? Could the problem be the file, or is it one you have used often?

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Thank you for your suggestions! I am trying to use multiple files (earrings) on one print. When I try a smaller section I am having more success. I wonder if one of the files has a problem. I will try to cut one design at a time and see if that helps. Thanks!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many I try suddenly nothing prints.
Hopefully someone from support will reach out.

Only if you have emailed them.

They no longer participate here.

Thank you! I will email them now.

I cut and engrave both sides of 77 objects on a piece of material at a time without issue. They are detailed pieces with text and a logo. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to cut multiple earrings.

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