Stuck on "Rendering" for already loaded designs that I've printed before

I just started having stuck on rendering issues for designs I have already loaded and printed. It was very sudden after printing the same design just minutes before. I am also having problems where it will now allow me to select text or shapes in previously loaded and designs ive already worked with. I’ve cleared cache, tried new browsers (safari & chrome). Rebooted computer, glowforge, etc. There has got to be something going on with the app side & I have orders that I need to print. Please helps!

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Look at all the other topics in support…youre not the only one.

The selection issue is being worked on - the stuck on rendering is not.

Frequently when there is a hiccup in your WiFi a design will get stuck in rendering - even if it should be just fine. Clear the cache on your browser (just shutting down doesn’t automatically do this) and then pick a different design to upload - then go back to your original one. That should shake loose the cobwebs.

Hello @tdcotoni I’m sorry for the frustration while we look into this further, and I appreciate your patience while our team continues to work on this. We’ve made some changes on our end to improve performance when loading designs. Will you please let me know if you’re now able to open your designs from the dashboard? If you’re still having trouble, please let me know what the design or designs are named as they appear on your dashboard:

This information will help us as we continue to look into the issue.

Has there been any update on this? Many other people are having the same problem.

I found a workaround!

That just started happening to me also out of nowhere. I just tried to switch to another design that I’ve printed a million times, but it won’t load on either of my machines.

Me too, the issue is due to copy pasting items within a design. The temporary solution is to not copy paste items inside your file. See my thread here

Hi David,

I sincerely apologize for all the trouble caused by these issues over the recent weeks. Many people who expressed concerns over the “Rendering your Design” issues have been resolved with our team’s continued work to address the problems, but I’m sorry to hear you’re still having trouble. I’ve let the right people know about your situation, and we’re working on a resolution. I’ll be sure to follow up here regularly with updates, just to let you know the status going forward.

Thank you,

Thank you so much for your continued patience. We have made a few more updates that we believe will help with this issue on your account.

Could you please try loading the affected designs and let me know how it goes?