Stuck on rendering Please fix!

Trying to do an engraving this AM. Stuck on rendering. Please fix!

I’m stuck on that too…I really need my unit to work correctly before I even think about upgrading to that ungodly high monthly fee


Same :triumph:

Same here( Belgium)

Stuck here too…and I upgraded to premium :frowning:


So frustrating to have hit yet another hiccup in such a short time! As a stay at home mom with 2 young kids my time to work and cut is very scheduled and I haven’t been able to work several times within the past 2 weeks and it has put me very far behind!

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Same here. Soooo frustrating.

Woo! Also a mother of a toddler and was looking forward to some time to work. Whomp!

I’m so sorry for the trouble. This appears to be related to an issue with Google Cloud Platform. We’re working to have you back to printing as quickly as possible. You can subscribe to updates here.