Stuck on Scanning 2022

3rd time doing this.

Why is this the 3rd time? Cause this is the 3rd time I’ve deep cleaned my Glowforge. I’ve used this machine thousands of times and never have an issue with it. It’s when I clean it (Gingerly might I add) deeply that all goes awry. At this point it would be better to leave it dirty as wet rag than having to deal with it.

I would just be happy to skip through all the “Protocol” and just force me to pay you guys to buy the little black cable.

I’ll say, “You shouldn’t charge me for a design flaw” you’ll say, “I’m sorry Ma’m but its not our fault we designed this poorly and fixed it after we sold you your GlowForge Pro”.

I’d like to pick up from there as this has happened mutiple times already and are used to the way you guys do things. Thanks!

Glowforge support does not monitor this forum. Your post is only communicating with other users.


Oh you’re saying Glowforge has abandoned the forums?

I am saying that in an announcement a few months ago, it was stated that Support no longer monitors the forum, and forum posts do not open support tickets.


Ah gotcha Thanks!

This is absolutely not required.
Keep the optics clean and the rails free of debris.


Yea I have been doing just that for 2 years, but it was starting to look really really horrible so I thought a deep clean was necessary, I’m here to tell everyone unless you want the Glowforge gremlins to take 50$ out of your pocket either do a gentle weekly clean or complain about how they’re crookedly and slowly stealing money off people from a design flaw that they’re profiting off of.

I have to admit I haven’t looked up the approved cleaning routine for the machine in a long while but I doubt it suggests any deep cleaning.


What design flaw is aggravated by deep cleaning?

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I don’t know, maybe as I was wiping the glas screen I exhaled and the Black Lid Cable decided to kamikaze itself into oblivion. Or maybe when I blinked whilst the lid was open there was enough thrust in my blink to cause a gust of air to hit the Black Lid Cable causing it to malfunction.

At the risk of saying that your responses are a bit flippant, many of us here are long-time users and are also long-time believers in not deep cleaning our machines but doing only the necessary things that are offically listed by Glowforge. Personally, I’ve had my original machine almost 5 years and have never done what some call ‘deep cleaning’. We have seen more problems come from deep cleaning than with just routine maintenance. Keeping the optics and fans clean is not a design flaw.


Yea after this 50$ That’s probably what I’ll do. Never again. Yea I’ve had my GF since 2017.
Never again :smiley:

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Isn’t that cable only about $20?

It is only about $20, but I’ve heard that shipping is higher than the part itself.


Cable is $19
and Shipping is $25

I calculated a bigger and heavier tube from Seattle to where I’m at using my Shipping service and calculated 13$ for shipping + .65$ for the tube itself. Since they mass produce that cable they’re probably paying around 3-5$/ea for it.

Are they making a business Model off hoping old Pro Models break often no. But it’s a crappy way to take care of founders in my opinion.

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All models use that cable not just the pro.

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Yes but the Founder Glowforges have a different way that they were designed causing them to break easier. On the more updated Pro’s and Basics they fixed it by adding additional support.

In my opinion, those of us that were part of the original presale have gotten our money’s worth and should stop expecting special treatment. The black lid cable is now longer so the repetition of opening and closing the lid doesn’t stress it the way the original cable did. The machines didn’t necessarily change, but the cables did.


Former computer repair person here…Deep cleaning ANY electronic device is just asking for trouble. Just say NO to the peer pressure! Your machine doesn’t need to be spotless. Clean the stuff listed on the support site. That’s all you need to do. :slight_smile:


Purchased my Pro in the first 6 hours of the pre-sale. Was part of the testing for the Pre-Production machines. Haven’t missed a day on the forum for many years and have read or skimmed every single post since June 2015. Have never fallen from Regular status. And I doubt seriously if anyone in Support would recognize my user ID or treat me any differently than any of the thousands of other users. As it should be.