Stuck on scanning after print

I can print once. Then after the print, the machine is stuck on “scanning”. Yes, my internet upload speed is slow, but it shouldn’t take more than the 20 mins that I have been waiting now. This is my first day with the machine and it is requiring mt to turn the GF off and back on to resolve. Thoughts?

I’ve got a theory that opening the lid too soon on the machine after a print interrupts the data transfer and can hang things up…you’ll want to wait until the post print processing finishes before you open up the lid to take your print out.

You will see it switch to Ready status on the app, and a new post-print image appear on the screen. (It’s about thirty seconds.) Try waiting just a little while and see if it helps.

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Will go try now

Nope. Did a cut and left it alone and after 20 min it still says scanning. Anyone else have any ideas? Btw. I am using PF if that matters.

Shoot! (Oh well, that would have been too easy I guess.)

Make sure you have the Glowforge set up on 2.4 GHz settings if your router uses both. And there are some suggestions in the Troubleshooting section that might help…

Other than trying those, you might need to wait for support to take a look at the metrics for the machine to determine what the issue is.

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Anyone else have any ideas. Shut it off for the night and then did a print this morning. Same behavior. Ticket open, but curious as to what this crowd might thing.

It’s almost certainly a wifi issue, as @Jules linked in her post above.

But how can that be? When I turn the machine on it does an initial scan and represent accurately in the software. It is only after a cut? I could see if it happened right away, but this puzzles me.

Fired up a different WIFI router and am getting the same result. So i don’t think it is the WIFi. Defective machine?

Possibly. You will need to hear from support. They can look at the data for the machine.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.