Stuck on Scanning and homing

I’ve tried everything possible to restart my glowforge and have it move from scanning/homing and nothing is working. Everything is clean all plugs are plugged in tightly etc. Not sure what’s the next thing I should do. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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This is just an idea, may not even work but…

1 - Power off your GF.
2 - Clean the top of the print head.
3 - Position it where it is directly below the camera.
4 - Close lid.
5 - Repower GF.

I’ve been thinking about this when I have seen posts of this nature. When the GF powers back on the GF logo will be in full view of the camera. It’s a long-shot but who knows we may get lucky.


For a long time back a year or so ago, that was a regular fix for the centering issue. Some of us just automatically did that as part of our startup process. They came out with some updates that made it unnecessary so it became one of those items of “forgotten lore” :slight_smile:

Crossing fingers this works for the OP.


Hi Gabriela- I can see that you’ve also sent in a request for support via email and that we’ve begun to troubleshoot there. I’m going to close this topic in order to avoid any confusion and duplicate communication.