Stuck on Scanning and I'm freaking out

I’m a little freaked out after reading several threads here about the stuck on scanning issue. I am a master leather smith and I use my GFPlus almost every single day. I’ve had it for literally just over a year and I’m having this issue suddenly. Absolutely nothing has changed what so ever since the day that I created my first print. Has there been anyone that has successfully found the actual cause and fix for this issue?

My GFPlus hasn’t ever moved. I’ve almost only used it for leather with the exception of a few wood cuts. There has been a lot of residue due to the leather smoke and I do clean (as best as I can) the GF pretty often actually. The print head looks pretty brand new and the lenses are fantastic with the exception of minor scoring from the actual laser.

I’ve done all the things in other threads and nothing is working. I’ve rebooting my router, GF Plus and my laptop. I’ve cleaned it… again, just like I have half a dozen times. I checked the two connections on my lid and the main ribbon that connects to the head. Everything is locked secure. I even just went through the WiFi setup again and connected with no issues what so ever. I do have glares on the lid from lights in my shop but I’ve always had those same glares since day one. I’ve ran this thing when it’s been 35 degrees and I’ve also ran it when its been 100 degrees out here. I have only gotten the yellow blinking light once and after turning the shop heater on it started working almost immediately. I’ve tried moving the head under the camera and in the back corner. Right now I’m sitting here with the lid open and it powered on because I read that might do something. I don’t get it. I’ve loved this thing from day one and it has saved my poor fingers, hands, arms from a lot of pain as I have A LOT of orders on a weekly basis.

If there has been a software update is it possible to roll back to the version that worked? How long should I leave this thing on so support can remote into it? Is there a way I can run a diagnostic on it to see whats failing?

The GUI will tell me when the lid is open and when it is offline but as soon as I close it, it just stays stuck on scanning. When I boot it up it makes all the normal noises like fans and ticks. but then just say scanning. I’m been having this issue for the past five hours and I’ve email support but the auto response is that they are busy and it make take 3 days for them to get back to me. I can’t wait no three days! Please help! My business depends on it.

Oh and when it says centering, nothing is happening with the actual GF. It’ll say that and just go to scanning.

If you’ve followed the other threads, you’ll know support will ask for pics of the connectors for the black ribbon cable, and the one from the left side to the camera. Then they will likely need to send/sell you a replacement.

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One thing that works for me - although it may not work for you - and you may already have tried this…
Turn it off. Manually move the laser underneath the lid camera so the camera should see the glowforge logo on top of the laser. Then turn it on and wait.

I just tried that. Now it stuck on Centering…

As I said above, if you provide the pics (so far you’re up to 3/5), support can jump straight to the process of getting a cable to you once they check in here. Recently, they’ve been responding sooner than 3 days. Of course, as you also emailed, they’ll close this thread and continue to work with you by email.

Yep they just got back to me. I’ve taken the five photos and sent it to them. They are thinking its the black lid cable. So they are going to send me a new one. I hope that works.

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You missed the two on either side of the black cable, but if they’re willing to send one without them, great. Hope that solves the issue.

Thank you for emailing us, since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this topic.

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