Stuck on scanning, centering

So, I have read through about 10 similar threads on this topic and cannot seem to get my beast unstuck. Rebooted the modem, router, 3 computers, and the forge. Nope, sometimes stuck on scanning, sometimes stuck on centering. No movement in any event. Checked cables ( they seem ok) and head is well placed. What now?

Is there light shining into the machine that might be interfering with the camera’s ability to “see” the bed?

Have you tried using a cell phone as a wifi hotspot, to determine whether it’s an issue with the wifi?

I see you already contacted us about this via chat, and we’re working on getting a replacement part shipped to you in order to resolve this issue, so I’m going to close this topic. We’ll be following up via email with more details. Thanks for letting us know about this.