Stuck on scanning help

My Glowforge has been stuck on scanning. I went through the steps it recommend and it still does not work. I emailed support but I am waiting for a response. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Tell us what you did already so we don’t spend time telling you things you already know.

It’ll save us the frustration of spinning our wheels, and save you the frustration of hearing things you already knew when you’re probably already agitated.


I did the Stuck Calibrating process. Which was cleaning the camera, checking the cables, and checking the wifi connection.

So I don’t know what else can be said on this topic, there are lots of threads for you to go through:

I know you want an easy answer but sometimes you just gotta do the research, you know?

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If this happened earlier today, be advised that there’s been another wide-ranging AWS outage that’s impacting Glowforge services (and heaps of other online apps and services) …

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Oh snap. Got any links about it?

Good to know. We use an online classroom software with our virtual students and I opened several assignments earlier today and within 5 minutes, every single kid emailed back saying they had locked up on them again and kicked them out. Co-inky-dink? I think not.

Yes, thank you!