Stuck on scanning part 2021

This has been brutal. Mostly because Im disabled and glow forge in other part of house.
Last two days it has been stuck on scanning. Lots of on off recenter and eventually it works. Today Im home by myself I have tried all the usual stuff but in too much pain to go back and fix it again. Is there some easy fix that lasts for us sick makers?

There are an amazing number of us that are disabled. There are several cables where the copper can crack and create episodic issues, and those get nothing but worse, eventually not working at all. However only Support can look at the logs to know if that is for sure the issue.

This past week I had what felt like spiked heels (like sharp spikes with Achilles tendoncies) feeling today like healing heels, but this has been the second strike this year. There are many more like that where things compete to be the worst, so I understand the issues.

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I hear you. I’m suppose to be wheelchair full-time and my biggest frustration with this amazing machine is how many times the tracking isn’t working. The back and forth is brutal. My second frustration is how dark the tray is it make placement really hard

One thing some folks do is get light masking that makes it much easier to see. The PG material is already masked. I have also used LED work lights I can lay on the lid and shine below.

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I wonder if that could be handled in software. Pretty sure the lights have the ability to go brighter. Unless I’m mistaken, they are trying to set the light at a level so the pictures from the camera have proper exposure. I wonder if they could run the lights brighter but whenever the camera gets an instruction to take a photo, it also instructs the lights to dim a bit.


you are brilliant!

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Hi @monicamichellewrs - First, I apologize that it’s taken us so long to get back to you. I know waiting only adds to the frustration, but I hope we can get this issue resolved quick!

I extracted some data from your printer to investigate and I it looks like the camera on your printer’s lid may be having a hard time getting a clear picture.

There’s two things I’d like to try as a first step here, and, thankfully they’re pretty quick and easy. Could you please

  • Check to make sure the lights inside your lid are still lighting up?
  • Clean the lid camera with either some Zeiss wipes or some isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth?

    If it’s really got some stubborn build up let the alcohol sit for a good 10 seconds or so then wipe it away.

    Let me know if that helps!