Stuck on scanning, Printer head doesnt move

Hi there,
My Forge is stuck on “scanning” when I power it on, and the printer head does not move at all.
Ive tried cleaning the camera lens, reconnecting to the wifi, resetting the router, dark room, checking ribbon cable clips, etc to no avail.
Ive turned the machine off and moved the carraige/head to the center, turned it back on and it will sit stuck on “centering” and still no head movement.

I’m sorry that you are having issues with your Glowforge. It seems like you have done most of the normal troubleshooting issues.

I hope support jumps in soon!

Thanks! Was a bummer when I went to engrave some back to school stuff for the kids and this happened.

I am experiencing the same problem. It started after I cleaned my Glowforge. I feel your pain, I will be looking for a solution to this problem

Welcome to the forum. Sorry you are having this problem.

You will want to start your own thread in this category to get Glowforge support staff to look into your problem. Posting on someone else’s thread doesn’t start a new ticket for you.

Good luck.

@jon.falconer Thank you for sharing the steps you’ve already taken.

After extracting the logs from your Glowforge, it looks like the issue you’re experiencing is caused by a problem with the black cable on the lid of your Glowforge. I’ll follow up by email shortly to sort out the details of getting a replacement cable to you.