Stuck on scanning step

I’m seeing the issue where, after I lower the lid the dashboard remains stuck in the “Scanning” step. It’s been doing this intermittently for the past couple of weeks, and could for a while be fixed by opening the lid and closing it again. But today that no long works. Restarting the unit will sometimes get it to scan again.

The cable connections seem flat and secure. I’m attaching pictures of the connections as I’ve seen requested in other similar threads.

EDIT: I’ve had to power cycle it repeatedly today to get it to scan, so I can finish a couple of orders, and I’ve noticed on a couple of restarts, the dashboard reports it is in the “Centering” step, but in the unit the head remains in the upper left corner. Not sure if it’s related to the Scanning issue or not.

That last pic sees to show the cable is not fully seated in the connector?

It’s a long shot, but try opening then re-seating the cable. That side has nothing to do with the camera (and “scanning”) so it’s unlikely to be the problem.

Otherwise, support will be along to confirm, and arrange a replacement cable.


Thanks! I had noticed that gap, but yeah I’m thinking that right rear cable in the lid just powers the LED’s, and the left center one is more likely the data conduit. It’s worth a shot on the next power cycle though.

I blew the dust off that left center connector last week, old school NES style, and the problem magically went away for the rest of that session. :laughing: I had my doubts that it was truly fixed with such a simple solution, and sure enough the problem’s back again.

Speaking of power cycles, do you know if it’s hard on the unit to power cycle it after it’s warmed up? I know actual heat/cool cycles can shorten the life of lots of things, but I’ve been wondering about this case though.

I doubt it. I wouldn’t pull the plug after a 2hr print, because the pump needs to circulate coolant around the tube. Otherwise, its just a computer with some moving parts, powering it on and off makes no difference.


It’s unlikely, but I didn’t see it mentioned - the way it confirms the head position is by literally looking at the logo on the top of the laser head…is the logo clean?


Thanks, that’s interesting to know.

When mine gets stuck in the centering state, the head never leaves the upper left corner of the bed, so I don’t think it’s far enough along to even look at the head with the camera. I did look at the top of the head and it has a few small gray ash particles on it, but isn’t anywhere near coated.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties with your Glowforge. Thank you for including the photos as it helps us quickly determine next steps. Since this has to do with your personal account, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to close this topic."

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