Stuck on Walnut


Last night I had the urge to make myself some new earrings. After a couple searches and trials, I came up with a couple designs for earrings. As you can see they all use the :proofgrade: walnut, there’s just something about it that I really love! I’m looking into putting gold leaf to add some contrast.

Hooks are ~1.50 at Walmart. Posts are from amazon Outus 100 Pieces Stainless Steel Earrings Posts Flat Pad (2 Size) with 100 Pieces Earring Backs for Earring Making Findings, Total 200 Pieces


Those are amazing! :heart_eyes:


Oh, wow! These are all really great!


Awesome job! :grinning:


I recently did some gifts in walnut, and I almost immediately went and ordered a shipment of only walnut (I’ve only barely used the included :proofgrade:). Anyway, I knew from other projects I had seen that I would love it, but I wanted to be stingy with it and use it only for special occasions. Used it for a neighbor’s birthday who is basically like a grandpa, and my best friend’s mom who is like my second mother.

These came out amazing, and since I happened to open this next to my wife, she insists that I now make everyone in our family earrings including her :roll_eyes: Seriously, good work!


I may or may not have recently ordered only walnut. Good luck on your earrings!


These are beautiful. The triangles are my favorite!

And this sounds like an amazing plan:


I can see you’re having fun! How cool is it to just laser up some new earrings? :sunglasses:


Is that the 1/8 or veneer?


So pretty!


They all look great! I like the triangle ones best.


Pretty much the greatest!


It is the 1/8” finished walnut hardwood


The walnut is particularly beautiful and I’ve been considering placing a big order of it as well. :slight_smile: