Stuck "Preparing to Print"

I have tried to run the same project over and over last night and again today.

The app keeps getting stuck at “Preparing to Print”

I disconnected the laser head from the cable, used an air can to clean out any possible dust from the pins. I have shut down the machine and restarted. I have reloaded my screen.

If I make my project smaller, 2 pieces that are 1.6" rounds with engravings, it loads right up. If I add the remainder of the artwork(7 more 1.6" rounds with engravings) it stays on “Preparing to Print” till it times out and cancels the project. This doesn’t see right to me? I am use to loading an entire sheet of images up and running a 5-6 hour project.

Are the servers running slow?

Ok, I am down to being able to load 2 pieces both 1.6" around and thats it. If I load anything more, I get “stuck” on Prepping to Print all over again.

So I guess I am 9 min prints all night long?

Possibly this is related to an issue I’m having with getting stuck on rendering. Can you try this?

On illustrator/Inkscape/whatever program you use to make your file that isn’t Glowforge, combine all the objects you want to cut into 1 file. Then upload that and try printing from it.

Sure, I’ll give it a shot and let you know what happens

Just got a text from Glowforge, app service degradation… sounds like its a problem on their side once again

HI @MorningstarMSI I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into some trouble with your Glowforge getting stuck as it is “Preparing to Print”. We made some recent updates to the Glowforge app to help fellow Glowforge owners affected by similar trouble. I wanted to check in with you to see if you’re continuing to run into any trouble. If so, please feel free to attach a copy of the design file used for the print attempt, along the URL of the design loaded from the Dashboard of the Glowforge app. This will help us with any troubleshooting and I’ll look forward to hearing any updates. Thank you!