Stuck scanning: $20 to ship a $19 part?

Yeah thats about the size box mine arrived in but one single air bubble tossed in there. That looks like they at least kept it from freely moving around a bit.

I’m thinking it 'll be fine.

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That is the dilemma “to ship or not to ship” if you have to ship it is very expensive, if you fix it yourself you could mess it up. The Black Cable sits right at the worst of that dilemma.

If GF used better connectors that would take care of most or the problems. But then the cable will cost $1.00 more. I would give $2.00 more to have a idiot proof connection that worked every time.

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Actually, it is the adhesive on the black cable that is the difficulty. At the slightest touch, it makes a forever weld. Less might not stay up but great care is needed to only touch when in exactly the correct place.

Plus $100 more in shipping :joy:

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